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Liquid Level Gauges, Sight Glass, Pressure Gauges and Temperature Gauges


Temperature and Pressure Measuring Instruments

We carry a range of temperature and pressure gauges mainly from Europe and the USA. Our temperature and pressure gauges come in a wide variety of sizes, range and for different type of processes and applications. Specifications are as follows:-

Bi-mental Thermometers

Size : 1.5" to 5" Standard Dial
Type: Normal/ Vapour/ Gas Actuated. With and without external reset option
Temperature Range : Over 20 different ranges (Available in Deg C as well as Fahrenheit)
Head and bezel Material : Stainless Steel

Stem length : 2.5" to 80"
Connection :  Back, Bottom and Adjustable Angle
Connection :  NPT,  BSP etc
Other Accessories :  Thermowell (Stainless Steel and Brass)



Pressure Gauges and Accessories

Size : 1.5" to 6" Standard Dial
Range : Wide variety of different range and Units

Window Material : Plastic, Glass and Safety Glass

Connection :  NPT, BSP, Metric thread, ISO thread and Flanges (Rear or Front Flanges)
Other Accessories : Diaphragm seal, Gauge Valves, Gauge Cock, Gauge Snubbers, Siphons (Circular and U-Shape) & Multi Way Manifolds (2 ways, 3ways, 5 ways), needle valves etc.



Sight Flow Indicator (Sight Glass) and Liquid Level Gauges

We have a wide range of sight flow indicators and Liquid Level Gauges suitable for different applications. Countries of origin include Europe, USA and Korea.

Sight Flow Indicator (Sight Glass)

Size : DN8 to DN250
Temperature Range : Up to 300 Deg C (Borosilicate Glass). Hardened Glass available.

Body Material : Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel and Special Material

Type Available : See Through, Flapper type, Ball type, Lantern Type, Side type, Lined type and Wiper Type.
Connection :  BSP, NPT, Flange (ANSI, KS, JIS,JPI etc), Buttweld, Socketweld.
Light fittings :  Hazardous/ Safe area light fittings with stainless steel material available



Liquid Level gauges

Types Available : Tubular Level Gauges, Armoured Level Gauges (Reflex and Transparent), Non Frosting Level Gauges, Large Chamber Level Gauges, Heating or Cooling Level Gauges, Zig-Zag Level Gauges, Lined Level Gauges, Bi-Colour Level Gauges, Welding Pad Level Gauges, Illuminator Level Gauges and Magnetic Float Level Gauges.
Temperature Range : Up to 100 Deg C

Body Material : Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel and Special Material
Center to Center Range: 300mm to 2000mm
Connection :  Threaded, JIS, Welding, Flange to requirement